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Veo announced as Technical Partner

We are delighted to have agreed a partnership with Danish company, VEO.

Veo will assist our technical development programme through recording and analysing matches and training sessions. We are excited to be able to work alongside VEO and offer our academy members the opportunity to analyse their performance even more. VEO enables us to capture performances in 24 hours across a variety of angles which will be integral for academy coaches when delivering team presentations allowing for more sophisticated data collection and coaching specifics. Through both notational and motion analysis we are able to provide stats about areas such as position of the ball, player movement and involvement, fatigue, work rate, time of a particular action and outcomes.

Team sessions will be held to show video analysis of competition as a group, discussing offensive and defensive formations, tactical analysis and any relevant actions that need consideration by coaches. Players and coaches can work with the analysis as they find appropriate to review specific areas relevant to them to focus their development and learning.

Scholars will also have the opportunity to learn about the innovative ball detecting artificial intelligence, sophisticated editing tools and media outlets across the sports broadcasting and media industry alongside their full time schedule.

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