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The Importance of Development

While much of the attention around the success of our scholars is centred upon their ability to develop through the club pathways and gain a professional contract, to compete at top levels of the sport we ensure those having developed at our academies who fail to achieve this milestone are safeguarded with their futures through alternative career planning and robust welfare provision. ASE is committed to ensuring excellence within its education provision across all the development phases and the vision of the Academy is to also recruit and develop people as well as producing ‘home-grown’ talent. In addition, the education programs have an important part to play in producing well-rounded, well-educated and respectful individuals capable of pursuing a successful non-competitive career through our holistic development approach. Academy Director Jamie Strong highlighted how important it is for the Scholars to complete their qualifications, which are vitally important for both higher education and future career opportunities. "To develop a better athlete, we must educate and develop the person. Academy members are in a really fortunate position where they’re receiving top education, but also have the experience of learning from industry professionals at elite levels with their sporting provision. Our mission is to nurture each individual’s aspirations at the highest level by providing a platform in which they can strive and excel to reach their goals’.

ASE Director of Football Kevin Spriggs stated “We are excited to welcome the next intake of scholars who will begin their journey with us whilst progressing a number of our existing scholars onto the development programme where all will be working towards the club pathway. Our platform enables them to continue to thrive in their studies as well as their chosen sport and is a fantastic opportunity to progress into professional sport. They can explore opportunities within the industry through our unique work experiences in the UK and even abroad’.

Our partnerships, and the excellent relationships we have with all the staff working across the whole group, is really valuable and allows us to monitor and tailor every individual’s progress throughout their time here.

Each person will have an individual learning plan with unrivalled support from our team that will support them with their career aspirations.

Scholars will also take part in personal development through our life skills programme which will equip them to tackle everyday challenges to accelerate their development.

This programme will educate and promote good practice and behaviour whilst acquiring various skills and modern day issues such as a finance, equality, social media and much more.

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