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Adam Smith and Eddie Hearn have thrown their support behind the fast-growing MTK Academy project.

The initiative is drawing impressive numbers of sign-ups for those seeking a career pathway into boxing – as fighters, coaches, physiotherapists, journalists, MCs, cutsmen and in every other role available.

After a successful London launch at the start of 2020, Hearn and Smith are urging all youngsters interested in the sport to chase their dreams.

Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith said: “These educational MTK Academy projects have government backing and anything that helps the kids out in this country and around the world is fantastic.

“The ability to be able to look after young fighters and with the education and qualifications that come through is a terrific venture.

“Boxing has done this over the years – especially the last seven or eight years, which has been a halcyon period. Kids want to get into gyms and education alongside boxing and fitness is a great way forward so it’s really exciting.”

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn added: “Anything that can promote the sport of boxing to the kids in a positive way is great. I’ve always thought boxing can bring a lot of positivity to the youth.

“If you can keep kids off the streets and get them into the gyms, it’s about discipline, respect and a regimental lifestyle as well as being about healthy. You’ve seen it with people like Anthony Joshua where boxing changes someone’s life.

“Good luck to them – I hope they are successful.”

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