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Official Charity Partnership with Mind

In a ground-breaking new collaboration, the Academy and Mind have joined forces to use the power of sport to help improve our mental health and wellbeing for all academy members and their families.

Mind will work closely with players, staff and members alike to ensure the academy care programme is fully supporting the wellbeing of our scholars that can be put into practice throughout the football or boxing calendar.

A campaign will be developed across the calendar year to ensure everyone experiencing a mental health problem knows how to get support, with clear messaging and advice to be communicated through all our academies, community activity and online promotion.

We aim to raise awareness about mental health with fans, clubs and staff, raise funds to deliver life-changing support and improve the approach to mental health in sport and wider society.

We all have mental health and we need to look after it as, just as we would our physical health. Yet every year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem. That's hundreds of football players, aspiring boxers and thousands of fans. That's why we've joined forces with Mind and we're on your side.

Like sport, life has its ups and downs. That's why we're working towards better mental health.

Support for you

Talking to someone who you trust is an important first step to getting help and support, this could be a friend, family member or professional.

Academy Director Jamie Strong said: “Sport has an incredible influence not only to increase physical health but to improve mental well-being.

I am delighted to see the us partner with Mind to use sport to increase awareness of this important issue. This will enable many we work with to feel encouraged to know the support is there.

This partnership complements the academy care work that we are doing for our members on mental health, as part of our sport strategy’

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