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George Groves hails MTK Academy project

The initiative is revolutionising the way people enter the sport of boxing with career training and qualifications available in a wide range of relevant disciplines – from fighters to journalists, cutmen to coaches, events organisers to MCs and beyond.

With some of the biggest names in the sport throwing their support behind the system, Groves has added his name to the list.

Groves said: “These things like the MTK Academy are great. There are always those cliched stories about boxing saving people from lives of crime or from being homeless and what not. Of course, it does do that.

“Also, it develops you as a human being. It gives you focus.

“You have to be so dedicated to it if you want to really have a go in this sport. It’s a fantastic sport and not only can you go out and earn a living from – it gives you confidence to take into anything else you want to do in your life.

“Any of these things that provide opportunities for kids are good and if it’s government-backed, even better. Well done!”

Groves won the WBA Super world super-middleweight title by defeating Fedor Chudinov in May 2017.

Think you can make it in boxing and want to join MTK Academy? If you’re between the ages of 15-19, have a passion for boxing inside or outside the ring and want to turn that passion into a career, sign up to one of our free courses at MTK Academy today and kickstart your journey

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