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Free Healthy Meals for Scholars

After the inspiring free school meals campaign led by the England and Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, we are fully committed to continuing to provide our scholars with free healthy breakfast meals throughout the year.

We recognise appropriate nutrition is essential to the health and performance of our student-athletes and prior to Rashfords campaign being launched, we supported our members with free healthy meals. We are delighted to extend our provision to prevent hunger and model a balanced nutrition for our scholars, through supplying Herbalife health and sports performance products.

Herbalife Nutrition’s sports nutrition line is currently used by more than 190 athletes and sports teams around the world and is now available for our scholars each morning on a daily basis to get them ready for learning, training and recovery.

With a scientific approach to education, training, matchday preparation, hydration strategies and recovery, we believe the most effective way to promote a culture of excellence is to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in ensuring adequate nutrition for each one of our members.

ASE Ambassador Phil Ridgwell stated ‘Free Healthy breakfast will support our members to start the day right and prepare them for performance. It will ease the pressure on their families, improve energy levels, increase engagement and tackle health inequalities. Academy care is at the forefront of what we do and adequate nutrition is essential for each one of our members'. The initiative has a dual aim, to provide all students participating with the opportunity to receive a daily free, healthy meal, which covers 24-31% of the students’ daily energy needs, and 53-64% of their recommended daily protein requirements. At the same time, we introduce nutritional models and habits that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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