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ASE launches USA platform to match athletes with scholarships

With access to more than 2,000 universities and thousands of coaches, ASE is making dreams of becoming a student athlete in America possible for many of its scholars.

The ASE-USA platform adds another dimension to the existing progression routes and goes above and beyond to provide opportunities for our talented individuals.

This progression route has been designed to empower our student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing collegiate sports and allow for many to have the opportunity to combine education with their sport in top American Universities.

The current environment is clearly not without serious challenges but the beauty of this platform is that we will be assisting scholar-athletes with the pathway through our networks and relationships with American universities and colleges, who remain busy recruiting talent.

Scholarships in America offer the opportunity to experience a vibrant university lifestyle in a new culture and the chance to play sport while studying for a degree and this extension to our progression routes will really support our students ambitions.

ASE-USA will cover every aspect of placement and scholarship experience; including admissions, college and university match-making, scholarship and funding application, brokering, SAT and ACT advice and guidance, support for student visa application.

Not only this, but once we’ve found the ideal college or university, our team is there for the graduates throughout their 4 years of study.

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