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Academy Care & Project Restart

The pandemic has affected us all in different ways and there are concerns players could succumb to injury with their accelerated return to action. Rushing back is also highly linked to burnout both physically and mentally.

Pre-season is meant to be a short period of intense training to prepare for performance & after the FA announcing inevitable delays on competitive fixtures, we are ensuring that our academy members are not exposed to unnecessary risk by adopting the patient and phased approach.

The FA have also only just announced the restart of group activity with necessary modifications in place to mitigate the transmission risk of COVID-19.

Academy Director Jamie Strong said ‘We have a duty of care for our members, we are still in a pandemic. We understand the desire to get back training but our priority is to ensure the current and future safety, physical health and well-being of our members. We will be using an evidence-led phased approach to return to action with adequate support and safety measures in place for all’

Training workloads will be managed and are backed by sports science at the highest levels, enabling scholars to regain fitness to appropriate levels with a structured pre-season that leads into competitive games at the appropriate times. This will maximise performance and conditioning levels at the right time.

To further mitigate the injury risk, throughout the off season, we have sent out a maintenance programme for current and new scholars which covers the physical demands; mobility, flexibility, strength for both the upper and lower body, central stability/core and injury prevention. Sessions also include nutrition and cardiovascular fitness. The recent announcement of our official Charity partners Mind also exemplifies ASE's desire to go above and beyond for our members.

A return to sport with the academy will be undertaken with the necessary modifications, risk assessments and comprehensive plans in place across our academy centres.

For academy covid-19 guidance click here

For our structured academy pre-season schedules click below

Bristol Rovers London Performance

Lincoln City Performance Crawley Town Performance

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