MTK National Boxing and Education Academy


The MTK National Boxing and Education Academy offers young people aged 16 to 19 years a unique opportunity to train and study full time in an elite environment with the Worlds Foremost Boxing Management Company.

The programme combines boxing, coaching and fitness with an emphasis on education and gaining a range of sporting qualifications.

Our academy prides itself on offering young athletes who are passionate about boxing the opportunity to progress in their boxing career through competition or a coaching pathway. 

Alongside the boxing academy, students have the opportunity to become a professional boxer supported by MTK Global​

The MTK National Boxing and Education Academy can also provide young people with the opportunity to work towards a career in boxing whether that is making it as a pro, becoming a coach, therapist or manager and many more opportunities.

Locations are MTK Liverpool, MTK Manchester, MTK London, MTK Brighton, MTK Bristol and MTK Glasgow. 




















Whatever your goals, the MTK National Boxing and Education Academy gives you the platform to achieve them.

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George Groves

These things like the MTK Academy are great. There are always those cliched stories about boxing saving people from lives of crime or from being homeless and whatnot. Of course, it does do that. Also, it develops you as a human being.

It gives you focus. You have to be so dedicated to it if you want to really have a go in this sport. It’s a fantastic sport and not only can you go out and earn a living from – it gives you the confidence to take into anything else you want to do in your life. 


Adam Smith

These educational MTK Academy projects have government backing and anything that helps the kids out in this country and around the world is fantastic.

The ability to be able to look after young fighters and with the education and qualifications that come through is a terrific venture.

Boxing has done this over the years – especially the last seven or eight years, which has been a halcyon period. Kids want to get into gyms and education alongside boxing and fitness is a great way forward so it’s really exciting.

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Eddie Hearn

Anything that can promote the sport of boxing to the kids in a positive way is great. I’ve always thought boxing can bring a lot of positivity to the youth.

If you can keep kids off the streets and get them into the gyms, it’s about discipline, respect and a regimental lifestyle as well as being about healthy.


You’ve seen it with people like Anthony Joshua where boxing changes someone’s life.


Good luck to them – I hope they are successful.