Your Journey


ASE welcomes you to our academy 


An Induction will take place at the start of the Academy. ASE provide each academy scholar with various induction topics:

  • Football Development 

  • Education & Qualifications

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Health & Safety

  • Academy Rules & Regulations

  • Life Skills

  • Safeguarding

  • Scholar Well-being

Personal Development

ASE provides information, advice and guidance for personal development. Through face-to-face delivery and resources, apprentices receive opportunities to support their performance, well-being and transition.


ASE will support your journey by providing career opportunities, higher education and USA scholarships


ASE provide ongoing support to student-athletes. We conduct one-to-one progress reviews at regular intervals throughout the time spent with us and offer advice and guidance on a range of areas.


Scholars will follow their academy's specific coaching programme and philosophy.  Training is likely to include work on technical and tactical skills, physical conditioning and psychology.

Scholars will be evaluated on technical tactical, psychological and social models, 

Life Skills

ASE's Life Skills Programme aims to raise awareness and empower apprentices with knowledge and skills to deal with the demands of football and life.

Here are some examples of the life skills-provided through face-to-face delivery, online modules and resources:

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Finance

  • Mental Health

  • Faith Awareness

  • Sexual Health

  • Social Media

  • Well-being

Initial Assessment

An Initial Assessment is carried out with every applicant to establish academic ability. This is undertaken with parents/guardians and our staff,

Students will be expected to provide their GCSE results.


The educational delivery has been specifically designed for elite athletes and is geared towards nationally recognised qualifications. Introduction to our digital learning platform. 

Scholar Reviews

Scholar reviews are conducted and are recorded on our e-learning platform. This process is to ensure that all scholars can fulfil their true potential.

Reviews take place at regular intervals throughout the academy. It is essential that scholars are available for reviews.

ASE celebrates the academic, sporting and wider achievements of scholars.

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