Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The courses last from one to three years, dependent on your age, chosen course and GCSE grades.

Who is the Academy for?

The Academies are for boys who are between 16-19-years old, that want to further their knowledge, understanding and ability in football or boxing, whilst at the same time continue their education.

What qualifications do I gain?

The Academy provides you with the opportunity to gain a variety of NCFE Sport qualifications, as well as other sporting qualifications and higher progression pathways. 

Where do I study?

You will study at your chosen academy site.

Where do I train?

You will train at your chosen academy site.

What type of training do I receive?

Training will be based on improving you as an athlete as you work towards the club pathway. Training will be delivered by professional qualified coaches that will work on improving the 4 corner FA models including technical, tactical, social and psychological aspects of your game.

What kind of medical care will I receive?

We employ a team of medical staff who look after our players and cater for all of their physiotherapy needs. We have a team of therapists who will ensure our players have all the expert help and advice they need.

Who will be teaching me?

Fully qualified tutors will be responsible for helping you gain your desired qualifications. All staff involved with the Academy are both first aid and safeguarding trained and checked. All staff fully adhere to Academy of Sport and Education safeguarding policies. 


For our Learning Centre, we work in partnership with Key Skills Sports who have a vast level of experience in delivering e-learning courses.

Are these professional academies?

All of our programmes are fully managed and mobilised by Academy of Sports and Education. And while you will not technically be part of the organisations, a pathway is available to exceptional students.