Our Education team are partnered with NCFE to deliver your education which will result in you gaining an NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Sports Coaching over your 1-year programme or NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity over a 2-year programme.

NCFE is a leading provider of educational services and have been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 170 years.



Your NCFE Level programme will take place over 1-3 years. It is 100% coursework assessed and will be delivered through a series of innovative projects.

There are projects to complete during on the programme. The projects cover a wide range of different of sporting topics and the project schedule has been built around the sporting season.



We recognise that while you may have found these subjects challenging at school, these are skills that you use in everyday situations and will make you more employable upon completion of your programme.

You will benefit from a team of dedicated Maths & English Specialists to help you succeed in these subjects, learning based on real-life scenarios, plus project-based resources, looking at which skills are needed to resolve a situation

present your work.


Participating in sports related work experience allows you to enhance your personal development and knowledge of the sports industry. We understand the importance of real work experience in the world of sport which is why as part of your education and training programme you will take part in 24 hours of work experience.

You will gain insight into what it will be like to work in the sports industry, whilst developing your
communication, IT, time management and team working skills.



Throughout your programme, you will complete a Player Performance Profile, which will include fitness testing, evaluation of your playing attributes, game time and injury review, and more.

We don't just measure your progress based on your academic grades on your programme. ​This is about developing you as a player and as a person.



How will this programme help you to develop?

  • You will develop understanding about you, your body, your abilities, and your role within a team

  • You will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to work within a range of sports careers

  • We will prepare you for a career in sport including development of social and life skills



You will gain an understanding of the body and learn about the various components of fitness, how to test them, how to train them, how to apply them to your own game, and to the professional game.

You will learn about the techniques and tactics of your chosen sport, not just how to play! You will learn how to coach, how to plan, how to communicate and how to lead.

You will learn how to read and interpret data.

You will learn about a range of future careers available to you in the sports sector and you will learn what skills are required, the personal qualities you need to develop and how you can follow each pathway.


You will develop your technical and tactical ability as a player.

You will develop your ability to plan, coach and lead.

You will develop your ability to communicate with others.

You will develop the ability to analyse the performance of yourself and others.  

You will develop the ability to present, to write and to reference correctly.

You will develop the ability to self-reflect and review your performance.

You will further develop your calculation and communication skills.



You will develop your ability to reflect on performance and to make changes for improvement.

You will develop your confidence.

You will learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

You will develop the knowledge and skills to become an independent learner.

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