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MTK National Boxing and Education Academy

The MTK National Boxing and Education Academy offers young people aged 16 to 18 years a unique opportunity to be part of a successful programme that combines boxing, coaching and fitness with an emphasis on education and gaining a range of qualifications. The programme is open to UK residents and non-UK nationals who have residency rights or rights to remain.

By giving young people the opportunities they deserve - and ensuring they have a brighter future that keeps them away from dangerous or violent crime and other situations - the MTK National Boxing and Education Academy combines passion for boxing with a strong learning environment. 

Our academy prides itself on offering young athletes who are passionate about boxing the opportunity to progress in their boxing career through competition or a coaching pathway. The programme is also offered at no cost to the student.

Coaching is delivered by an unrivalled selection of experienced coaches from the MTK Global talent pool. 

Alongside the boxing element of our academy, students can choose to study one of our many full-time qualifications offered at a range of levels - and also includes a distance learning element through our innovative e-learning portal. This will give you the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills in a range of sports-related subject areas which may include:

  • Chance to become a professional boxer supported by MTK Global

  • A range of BTEC qualifications

  • A range of sports traineeships and Foundation Degree options

  • Opportunities for regular work placements and access to high quality training.

The MTK National Boxing and Education Academy can provide young people with the opportunity to work towards a career in the sport - whether that is making it as a professional boxer, or by becoming a coach, sports therapist, sports journalist, physical education teacher and many more opportunities.


Whatever your goals, the MTK National Boxing and Education Academy gives you the platform to achieve them.

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